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Every year the color experts at Pantone embark on a journey to select one color as “the color” for the upcoming year. The 2014 color of the year has been announced. It is a color that evokes creativity and innovation, and can be described as charming and magical. This year’s color is: Radiant Orchid.


The color has already made its way onto the catwalks of top fashion designers and is certain to be trending—especially as spring approaches. We think those who are planning a 2014 wedding have lucked out when it comes to incorporating this year’s amazing color into your wedding palette.

Radiant Orchid is a highly versatile color making it wedding plan friendly. From how to wear it to how to pair it, here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate this beautiful purple hue into your big day.

How to wear it: The best thing about Radiant Orchid is how user-friendly it is. Picking a color that looks good on your entire wedding party can often be a challenge, but Radiant Orchid puts the bickering to rest. As the name suggests, rosy undertones radiate on the skin producing a healthy glow. And with its combination of warm and cool undertones, it flatters an array of hair, eye, and skin tones.


The Bride: The best way to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your look is with accessories. If you’re planning to wear a sash with your wedding dress, try something in the purple family. Jewelry, shoes, or a hairpiece are other great ways to wear Radiant Orchid. To really embrace Radiant Orchid into your wedding look, have it be the color of your bridal bouquet!  A variety of flowers come in radiant orchid, so the possibilies are endless! If you are feeling extra creative, design your bouquet out of Radiant Orchid jeweled brooches.


The Bridesmaids: Here is where you can have some fun. Ombre bridesmaid dresses can be a beautiful way to change things up from the traditional monochromatic dresses. With the plethora of undertones Radiant Orchid provides, the color lends itself perfectly to the ombre look.


The Groom and Groomsmen: One of our favorite ways to tie—pun intended—Radiant Orchid into the groom’s look is by paring a purple hued tie with the boutonniere. We love this look with a gray tuxedo, but also looks great with white, black and even more neutral colors like taupe.


Décor: Add a pop of color to your wedding décor with Radiant Orchid! Have your napkins, table runner, centerpieces, or up-lighting be Radiant Orchid. Once you have decided where to include Radiant Orchid in your wedding décor, the next step is to pair it with an accent color.


How to pair it: Radiant Orchid pairs beautifully with a variety of colors. Whether they are in the same color family or come from across the color wheel, Radiant Orchid is truly versatile.

·      Same color family: think shades of purple and pink.

·      Red: for a more seductive feel add red

·      Turquoise: for a fun, fresh pop of color.

·      Green: gives a lively organic feel, perfect for an outdoor wedding.


From table settings to desserts, Radiant Orchid can be incorporated to any extent. Here are some ideas for how to use the color throughout your wedding décor.

So, will Radiant Orchid be a part of your big day? Whether or not the color of the year is part of your wedding day vision, the professionals at Black Bear Crossings have the knowledge and experience to help make your dream wedding come to life. We invite you to visit our website, or contact Shannon at 651.488.4920 for further information.