Using long banquet tables in addition to traditional round tables is a great way to add visual impact to your weddings’ reception room. There are many different ways you can decorate your long elegant rectangular tables. Here are some of our favorites:

Flower arrangements with varying heights

One way to decorate a long table is to have flower arrangements that vary in height. The best way to achieve this look is to have the taller flowered centerpieces be the focal point of the table. Between each focal point is where you place the smaller flowered centerpieces. The key to mixing two centerpieces together is to make sure each centerpiece shares one element. The element could be color, flower, or pattern of the vase. It’s important to not have two centerpieces that look too similar. This will make it look like it is a mistake. A good rule of thumb is you want them to look like they are in the same family but not like twins.


If flowers aren’t your thing

If you are more into candles or feathers the same principles can be applied as above. You can have tall candles in candleholders, tall feather centerpieces, or tree branches as your arrangement focal point.


Use flower centerpieces to act as a table runner

To execute this, choose one simple flower centerpiece design and place each centerpiece right next to each other. To make this table décor less flat, add a few tall centerpieces in the mix.


Decorative table runner

Choosing a decorative table runner is another way you can add interest to your long banquet table. When choosing a pattern, there are three things you must keep in mind: pattern size, color and width of the table runner. It’s important that the table runner you choose has a big pattern. Choosing a small pattern on a long table can often times make the table look too busy.  Choose contrasting tints. Make sure the color you choose for the table runner won’t blend in too much with your centerpieces.


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