If you have read any bridal magazine, searched “wedding” on Pinterest or even attended a wedding in the past year, you have most likely seen the Rustic Chic and Vintage Wedding styles. While these are two popular wedding trends, they tend to blur together. Although they do have some similar components, there are a few key elements that separate these trends.

Rustic Chic

The rustic chic style (sometimes referred to as a barn style weddings) often has burlap, mason jars, barn elements, wood and patina decor. This wedding style most often has a fun causal tone. Here are some of our favorite examples of the rustic chic style.

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The vintage wedding style is inspired by the 1920’s era. Many vintage weddings include lace, mint green, antiques, pearls, china and patina in the decor. Vintage weddings are all about the classic look and mixing the old with the new.  We have picked out some of our favorite vintage décor below.

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What is the difference?

Both rustic chic and vintage weddings have patina or distressed decor. The difference is that vintage wedding decor has aged organically. Rustic chic décor is often distressed by frequent use. Rustic chic décor often has a country feel rather than an elegance feel like vintage style does.

Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center Captures Both Styles

At Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center you get the best of rustic chic and vintage style. We are a historic site with a great history and vintage elements. We also have an outdoor promenade venue located in the park. Our outdoor venue has a fun, casual and rustic vibe. Our outdoor promenade is mostly used for wedding ceremonies, and occasionally the reception as well. What makes our promenade unique is that fact that it is one of the few outdoor venues that offers partial protection from Minnesota’s unpredictable weather. It has a roof supported by beautiful columns, overlooking Como Lake. This roof will protect you from any rain at your special event. Wedding receptions can also be held in our private banquet room and served our fabulous picnic buffet option on our menu.


In conclusion, whether you choose to have a rustic chic, vintage, blend vintage and rustic chic together, or another wedding theme, make your wedding decor unique to you.