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Children are a blessing; occasionally picky, messy, and loud blessings. Dining out with children is a great bonding experience and teaches them how to behave in different situations. Finding a restaurant that pleases both parents and kids can be difficult. A few easy tips can make any dining experience a pleasurable one. Research menus ahead of time to see if there is something your child will eat and remove stress with a few changes.

Ways to please picky children.

There are ways to eat out, even with picky children.

Some kids have very select tastes…tastes for anything with cheese, chips, or peanut butter. Save time by finding out menu options beforehand. Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center offers childhood classics. They can enjoy scrambled eggs, fruit cups, pancakes, or a simple bowl of cereal for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are under control with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (no crust, no worry), cheese pizza, or a cheese sandwich. In the summer every kid’s favorite, hot dogs, are on the menu as well. The pickiest of eaters will be satisfied at Black Bear Crossings Café.

You have found a restaurant that has the perfect food options. Now there’s even more you can do to make the process go more smoothly and enjoyably. Sit near the restroom. It’s less of a hassle and easier for you to escort them when they inevitably need to go to the restroom.

Tempers flare when a young one’s blood sugar gets low. Order a snack that can be eaten immediately if you have to wait for your food. Black Bear Crossings Café offers fruit snacks, animal crackers and apple sauce. This will preemptively stop tantrums and provide a distraction.

Boredom is where mischief stems from. Engage children with interactive activities that encourage participation. Play ‘I Spy’, word games like ‘Hangman’, or coloring. Kids can constructively use their energy and get some physical activity in Como Park surrounding Black Bear Crossings when the weather is nice enough.

Dessert should remain a reward for good behavior. Sugar intake should be limited, but Jello, pudding, cookies, brownies, and even cake can be bought from the Café to support positive attitudes.

You won’t have to fear eating out with misbehaved children by following these tactics. There are ways to avoid stress and turn any meal into a happy opportunity for the family to spend time together.

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