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Black Bear Crossings brings groups and communities together.

Black Bear Crossings brings groups and communities together.

“Equality comes in realizing that we are all doing different jobs for a common purpose. That is the aim behind any community. The very name community means let’s come together to recognize the unity. Come…unity.” —Swami Satchidananda

There are many definitions as to what makes a good community.  A community is a group with shared values. A community brings people together to talk and discuss issues. A community protects its members. At Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center, we offer rooms to foster those beliefs and the growth of communities.

Community groups allow members to flourish, contribute to society, and grow in confidence. Groups provide security as members share goals and insights. Studies prove that it is motivating to be a part of a group. People who have used Black Bear Crossings Community Rooms have found them to be welcoming and encourage participation.

“Thank you for this space that allowed us to think strategically, be creative, laugh together, plan and engage.”
Gratefully, APPIP staff

“We are so grateful for the space. We are always so productive and spirit-filled when we meet at Black Bear Crossings! This space is a true blessing!”
New Life Christian Fellowship

“Thanks for this space-we did crucial work to shape the future of our organization. Good snacks, too!”
Women’s Drum Center

The Community Rooms are the heart and soul of Black Bear Crossings. Offering free space for small neighborhood groups was a founding principle of the original coffee shop on Como Avenue, and continues to this day. In exchange for the rooms, Black Bear Crossings only asks two things: that you treat our space as your own, and that you don’t bring in your own food and beverages, instead taking advantage of our freshly brewed coffee and homemade food in the café. There is a journal in each room, creating a living history, and each person contributes to the positive energy of the space. These rooms are perfect for book clubs, small board meetings, office retreats, political meetings, workshops and so much more.

Minneapolis and St. Paul communities support our efforts and we return the favor. For a group to grow and be successful, members must be able to meet. A change of scenery to the welcoming and warm environments of Black Bear Crossings help with brainstorming and open discussion to new topics. We believe in that every voice should be heard and our facilities can help make that happen.

Located in the historic Como Lakeside Pavilion in St. Paul, Minnesota, Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center manages one of the best coffee shops and gourmet cafés in St. Paul. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center also hosts music and events in the park, community meetings and is the ideal historic wedding venue in St. Paul.