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Black Bear Crossings Valentine's Day treats.

Black Bear Crossings’ dessert and pastry menu has desserts for all tastes and preferences.

Chocolate has a long-standing partnership with Valentine’s Day. It’s been associated with love since the 1800s when physicians would advise patients to eat chocolate to calm their pining for lost love, but it wasn’t until 1868 that Richard Cadbury partnered boxes of chocolate with Valentine’s Day. Now more than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of the confection are sold and more than $1 billion worth of chocolate are purchased on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate has become an essential for Valentine’s Day, but Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center has found ways to make the cliché  treat a little more unique to fit the personality and tastes of your date.

For the Chocoholic.
There’s chocolate and then there’s CHOCOLATE. The chocolate fudge cake is pure indulgence for the person who just can’t get enough. For those avoiding gluten, don’t despair. The chocolate cake can be made flour-less with a raspberry sauce or enjoy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. If you can’t stop at one slice, call and order a whole cake to pick up.

Black Bear Crossings' wine and chocolate.

Black Bear Crossings’ wine selection partners well with dark chocolate.

For the long-term Valentine.
If you and your sweetie have been each other’s date for multiple Valentine’s Days, make it extra special by partnering chocolate with a rich, red wine that will compliment and enhance the chocolate flavors.

For the family.
Family members appreciate knowing they are loved and valued on Valentine’s Day as well. Show them you care with a dozen cupcakes that everyone can enjoy.

For the date that doesn’t like chocolate.
Rare, but there are plenty of people who would prefer something tart, tangy, or salty as compared to chocolate. A slice of carrot cake, cheesecake, tiramisu, cherry turnover, or cinnamon twist is for them.

Your Valentine will love knowing you have taken the time to pick out a sweet treat just for them. Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing love; so express your feelings over a slice of something delectable.

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