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Event venue in St. Paul

The weather is getting chilly, the days are getting shorter. Amidst the hustle of the autumn season is the knowledge that before we know it, snow will be here and the holidays too. If you want to host a memorable holiday party, now is the time to start planning your event!

Black Bear Crossings Café and Banquet Center, which is located on the beautiful grounds of Como Park, is a top-notch event venue.  This historic location in the Twin Cities is unique with stunning views of Lake Como. Visitors often say the historic Como Lakeside Pavilion takes on a “snow globe” effect in the winter months, with the snow falling outside the windows and the natural beauty of Como Park covered in glittering white outside.

Black Bear Crossings

Here are some tips to help you make your holiday party memorable, fun for your guests and easy on you.

  • Create and follow a list: It’s best to plan ahead now, thinking through both big-picture decisions and small details. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to other people to reduce stress for you and get other people invested in and excited about the party.
  • Choose your décor style: When it comes to décor, pick either traditional or trendy, but don’t try to blend the two. You can use color, either traditional red or green or something more trendy (think purple or a deep blue) to pull your decorations together.

event venue St. Paul

  • Set the tone: Don’t be afraid to get all dressed up to set a glamorous tone for the party. Allow yourself to move around the room while keeping an eye on the door to greet and say goodbye to guests as they come and go. Be sure to enjoy the party so that your guests will too.
  • Add festivity with music: Add to the atmosphere with holiday music greeting guests as they arrive. Keep the music low to make it easy for guests to chat. It’s a good idea to have a playlist of instrumental music specifically set for the dinner hour so that lyrics don’t compete with conversation.
  • Give a holiday gift: You can give out small parting gifts, such as a holiday ornament, one fabulous cookie or a box of truffles or candies. You could also add a decorative element by filling a big bowl with candy canes and asking guests to grab one as they leave.

st. paul event venue

  • Cheer the year: At some point during the party, remember to raise your glass in a toast and acknowledge the appreciation you feel for your guests and any special landmarks that have occurred during the year.

Whether your holiday party is for neighbors, family, coworkers or friends, enjoy the planning process. Know that when the holidays come, you’ll be glad you put in the effort to host a party and connect with the people important in your business or personal life.

Located in the historic Como Lakeside Pavilion in St. Paul, Minnesota, Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center manages one of the best coffee shops and gourmet cafés in St. Paul. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Black Bear Crossings Café & Banquet Center also hosts music and events in the park, community meetings and is the ideal historic wedding venue in St. Paul.