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Fall weddings in St. Paul

My cousin got married outdoors in October many years ago at the Como Lakeside Pavilion—a historic St. Paul wedding venue.  I admit that I felt slightly nonplussed when I received my invitation and saw the details—I couldn’t help but wonder about the unpredictable weather factor.  But when I arrived at the venue that day, I clearly saw why the bride and groom had chosen October and the great outdoors, despite Minnesota weather concerns.  The brightly-colored fall leaves, the crisp autumn air, the beautiful scenery—it could not be beat.

wedding venue st. paulIf you’re dreaming of an outdoor autumn wedding, go for it!  But keep in mind some unique factors pertaining to having an outdoor fall wedding.

Weather: Midwest autumn days can be uncomfortably warm or uncomfortably cool—so preparation is key.  Be sure that guests, especially out-of-towners, know the forecast and encourage them to perhaps dress in layers.  Temps can fluctuate between day and night, so placing some heat lamps or space heaters in outdoor areas, having blankets or throws available and ensuring that there’s a place where guests can warm up is considerate.

outdoor wedding st. paulScheduling: There are lots of holidays during the fall, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving and some Jewish holidays, so be sure to do research to avoid conflicts.  Also be aware of football season.  Friday night weddings and football games might mean that younger guests can’t make it.  If you have any guests of honor who are hard-core college football fans (I’m thinking of my husband as I write this) you may want to sneak a glance at pertinent schedules to stay on their good side.

Flowers: Rather than traditional flowers, you could decide to use other foliage such as bundles of grain, gourds or other ornamental vegetables and crabapples.  Keep things simple and let the outdoor setting shine to highlight the scenery and save money at the same time.

Outdoor wedding st. paulIf you’re looking for an event venue Minneapolis, Black Bear Crossings has a number of options for your wedding and reception venue.  Indoors and out, the setting is gorgeous with the lake, pavilion and parks.  Like me, your guests will immediately see why you chose an outdoor autumn wedding, even in Minnesota.

Located in the historic Como Lakeside Pavilion in St. Paul, Minnesota, Black Bear Crossings manages one of the best coffee shops and gourmet cafés in St. Paul. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Black Bear Crossings also hosts music and events in the park, community meetings and is the ideal historic wedding venue in St. Paul.