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Meeting and event venue in St. Paul

The community rooms are the heart and soul of Black Bear Crossings. Offering free meeting space for local groups and organizations was one of the founding principles of Black Bear Crossings on the Lake, and continues to be to this day. Sales from the Cafe allow Black Bear to offer up free meeting room space with no requirement to purchase anything. Each meeting room contains a s journal, allowing each person who utilizes the space to contribute to the positive energy and history of Black Bear Crossings.

St. Paul event venueIf you are interested in using the free meeting space at Black Bear Crossings, here is some information to help get you started:

1. Is there a fee for using the community meeting rooms?
We do require a small fee if you are making a profit from using the rooms. But if you are simply using these rooms to gather, there is no fee. The Black Bear Crossings Community rooms are perfect for book clubs, small board meetings, office retreats, political meetings, workshops and so much more.

2. Can I bring my own food and drink in to the community meeting rooms?
Due to Insurance liability issues and health regulations, outside food and beverage is not allowed inside the Black Bear Crossings community meeting rooms, but please feel free to take advantage of our freshly brewed coffee and homemade food in the Black Bear Crossings café.

3. How many community meeting rooms do you offer?
Black Bear Crossings has three community meeting rooms available for use. The Michael Donald Glass Room seats about 30-40 people, has a white board on the south wall, and a large window overlooking Lake Como. The Larry Kitto Room seats about 30-40 people, has a white board on the north wall, and a large
window overlooking Lake Como. And the Loretta Gagnon Room seats up to 20 people and has a large whiteboard on the south wall.

4. What do the names of the community meeting rooms mean?
Each meeting room at Black Bear Crossings has been named in honor of a special person.  The Michael Donald Glass room was named after David’s (one of the founders of Black Bear Crossings) father.  The Loretta Gagnon meeting room was named after a close friend and tireless activist for children in the St. Paul public school’s Indian education program.  The Larry Kitto room was name after the Native American lobbyist who helped to secure the funding to rebuild the Como pavilion after sitting in disrepair for years.

5. How do I request a community meeting room at Black Bear Crossings?
To reserve one of the free community meeting rooms at Black Bear Crossings, simply give us a call at 651.488.4920  or go online to BlackBearCrossings.com to download the online room request form. You can also find additional information about the accommodations of the Black Bear Crossings meeting rooms in St. Paul.

Located in the historic Como Lakeside Pavilion in St. Paul, Minnesota, Black Bear Crossings manages one of the best coffee shops and gourmet cafés in St. Paul. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Black Bear Crossings also hosts music and events in the park, community meetings and is the ideal historic wedding venue in St. Paul.